T'Chaka was the corrupt former ruler of Wakanda, husband of Queen Raymonda, brother of Prince N'Jobu, father of T'Challa and Shuri, and the disgraced uncle of N'Jadaka. He is played by South African actor John Kani and by his son.


Dispute Between BrothersEdit

After Klaue stole a quar

Response to Lagos IncidentEdit

Death by Helmut ZemoEdit

T'Chaka and his son T'Challa were in Vienna, Austria giving out their speech to other world leaders on agreeing with the Sokovia accords, Zemo sets off the bomb, killing T'Chaka and leaving his son to mourn in pain.

T'Challa's Coronation and Reunion with his FatherEdit

After T'Challa defeated M'Baku in ritual combat, he makes his way into the ancestral plane, feeling emotionally happy to see his father again and sorry for losing him. T'Chaka thought his son didn't learn everything on becoming king at first but when T'Challa said he wasn't ready to manage without him. The old man gave his son some good advice on becoming king before T'Challa returned to the world of the living.

Sins of the FatherEdit

After Killmonger threw T'Challa over the waterfall, T'Challa was brought back into the ancestral plane by his mother as his father and the other ancestors appeared to welcome him. But because of what Zuri told him about his father abandoning his cousin after killing his own brother 24 years ago, T'Challa asks his father for the truth, only to discover just how corrupt T'Chaka himself was with his mind being absorbed by his strict devotion to Wakanda's ongoing traditions and isolationism that noticing how flawed his senses were, T'Challa renounces him and the ancestors for their lack of fathoming stating "You were wrong! ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG . . . to turn your backs on the rest of the world!". Before leaving, T'Challa vows to put a stop to Killmonger, telling his father that because of how careless he was to abandon his own nephew with his dead father, he's a monster of their own making as well as setting things right for all of Wakanda.


It is unknown of what became of T'Chaka while his son brings Wakanda out of isolation to share it's resources with the rest of the world.