Scarlett Johansson looking cute and pretty as Black Widow from Captain America The Winter Soldier

Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow is one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s best spies and one of the first six members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's line up of heroes known as the Avengers.


Iron Man 2Edit

Black Widow makes her first Marvel Cinematic appearance in Iron Man 2 who starts off by pretending to be Tony Stark's assistant. Later after Rhodey took the Mark II Iron Man suit, Tony in his armor met up with Nick Fury at a donut shop where Natasha shows up in her black catsuit revealing herself to be a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Tony says she is fired but she defied him and cured him of his illness. Later at the Stark Expo, she was with Pepper interrogating Justin Hammer for Ivan Vanko and where he is. As she and Happy Hogan went over to Hammer Industries, she strips into her bra nad thong distracting Happy while changing into her catsuit and when the two got there she charges in and takes down most of Hammer's bodyguarsds while Happy just took out one at the front entrance. Then after infiltrating Vanko's office, he was gone but then Natasha gets onto his computer and frees Rhodey from his control.

The AvengersEdit

Black Widow is first seen tied to a chair for interrogation by a russian general and when Coulsen makes a mockary of the interrogation by interrupting the general and has him put Romanoff on the phone to have her know that Hawkeye has been compromised, the situation modivates her into taking out her three captors and leaves the general hanging on a hook alive. Natasha then meets up with Bruce Banner who convinces him to help her find the Tesseract that Loki had his mind controlled pawns take from SHIELD.

After capturing Loki, Black Widow confronts Loki and wants to know what he's done with Barton. Loki was interestes if this has to do with love but she said it was det and that makes Loki respond viciously with a threat to have them both killed. Then after surviving the struggling attack on the Helicarrier and freeing Clint from Loki's control, the two maste assassins team up with Captain America and headed for Manhattan to help Iron Man, Thor and Hulk stop Loki and the Chitauri from invading the earth.

After successfully thwarting Loki's plans, the six heroes go their seaparate ways.

Captain America: The Winter SoldierEdit

Black Widow returns in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She first appears pulling up to Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson finishing up their morning jog and has Rogers get in and help her with the mission that is going down at see tonight.

The Avengers: Age of UltronEdit

Captain America: Civil WarEdit